5S Program
5S and Lean Manufacturing

With the increasingly high cost of specialized tools, parts, and assembly items, it has become necessary to develop a system to protect and control these assets. Utilization of our products within your 5S program can help reduce waste and increase efficiency saving your company time and money throughout your production processes and facility.



Separate into two categories: Keep or Discard.


Set in Order
A place for everything, and everything in its place.


Clean, polish, oil, or lubricate and work items or work area.


Keep a consistently organized workplace by setting standards.


Review and maintain all steps of the 5S program.

Product Demo Kits


Computer Transport Case

Computer Transport Case

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We offer all in one single source turn key tool and parts control solutions. From tool storage to production line organization to specialized transportation storage cases, we can create a solution that meets your requirements.



Color Coded Tool Control by Section

Color Coded Tool Control by Production Section

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