Tool Inventory Control
U.S. Foam & Etch's services help to control "Tool FOD".

There are serious hazards associated with tools that are left inside aircraft or vehicles after manufacturing or maintenance. These left behind tools can jam moving parts, get tangled in control cables, short out various electrical components, or interfere with safe flights endangering personnel and potential causing millions of dollars in damage.


Aircraft maintenance crews almost always have strict tool inventory control programs which include toolbox inspections which ensure that all tools are returned to their proper location in the tool box and are not left in an aircraft before it is released from its hangar. In addition, most aircraft maintenance crews are required to have their tools tagged or marked with a serial number so that upon recovery they can be traced to their proper owner and location.

Large price tag!

Foreign object damage costs the aerospace industry an average of $12 billion dollars a year in direct and indirect costs which can range from replacement parts and materials to delays and cancelations.


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